Monkeypox Diet: To avoid monkeypox, include these things in the diet, you will be able to recover faster!

People are afraid of deadly virus like monkeypox. Now its number starts increasing in India too. The first case of monkeypox was reported in the country’s capital Delhi, which was confirmed Ministry of Health has done. This may be the first case of monkeypox in Delhi, but so far 4 cases have been reported in India. The other three registered cases are from the state of Kerala. monkeypox Talking about the symptoms of this, a rash starts appearing on the skin like chickenpox. High fever is also believed to be a symptom of the patients. WHO It has even been declared a medical emergency.

According to experts, patients suffering from monkeypox can also recover faster through diet. We are going to tell you about those foods which can give you relief from monkeypox by boosting immunity rapidly.

vitamin C

If the immune system is strong, then it is certain that diseases stay far away from you. Health experts say that people who have a strong immune system can beat monkeypox to a great extent. However, there is no proof of this. You can strengthen the immune system through vitamin C. If you want, you can add sour things like lemon to your diet. If you do not like them, then eat sweet fruits like papaya. This will make your immunity strong.

basil leaves

Tulsi leaves have been given special importance in Ayurveda, because they work as a medicine. It is believed that by giving water made from basil leaves to the patient, he can recover quickly. Those who are not in the grip of this disease, they should also drink a decoction made from basil leaves daily. It will make you strong from inside.


Mint is also used as a medicine to enhance the taste of food. It is considered a cure for many diseases. Especially its use is advised in stomach pain. By eating the things made of it, the strain in the muscles is removed. Along with this, it also protects you from serious diseases like asthma. If you want, you can drink herbal tea of ​​mint, which can solve your cough problem.

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