Monkeypox causes these dangerous diseases in the brain, know from doctors what is the reason

Worldwide monkeypox virus The cases are increasing continuously. However, monkeypox does not appear to be a serious and serious infection. Symptoms include fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, headache. At present, in some cases, the lesions of monkeypox are now visible in the areas of the throat, genital and rectum apart from the hands, feet and face, causing problems to the patients. Problems like encephalitis, seizures, are also being seen due to the infection of monkeypox.

Some research in the past has also shown that encephalitis (a form of inflammation and swelling of the brain), seizures and confusion have been seen in patients suffering from this virus. Professor, Department of Critical Care, AIIMS New Delhi Dr. Yudhveer Singh told in a conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh that monkeypox is causing neurological problems. This has affected the ability to work and confusion is also being seen. This virus is affecting the brain. The ability to think is being affected. In many cases, the problem of stroke has also been seen.

One reason for this could be Cognitive Decline. In this, the vasculature supply in the brain decreases and brain cells are affected. Due to which the ability of the brain to work starts decreasing. In this, it becomes difficult to do any work than before. For example, if a year ago you used to do some work well. Now I can’t do it like before. The output of the brain starts decreasing than before. If these are all symptoms then it means Cognitive Decline is happening. In many cases, the patient is finding it difficult to concentrate and this has also affected physical health.

brain fog is also happening

Dr. Singh told that the problem of brain fog is also being seen due to monkeypox. This sometimes makes it difficult to remember something. Symptoms of loss of memory begin to appear. However, it has to be seen whether all this is happening due to virus or some chronic disease is the reason for it. Philhar is the subject of all this research.

cases are increasing continuously

Studies conducted in Western countries have shown results in people having poor mood, anxiety and depression after infection with monkeypox. Such cases are increasing continuously. To know the real reason why this is happening, there is a need to know the neurological and psychiatric effects. For this some research should be done.

Heart is also affected

Cardiologist Dr. Ajit Kumar says that in many research it has been found that the problem of myocarditis is also happening due to monkeypox. This is a serious heart problem. In this, there is swelling in the arteries of the heart. Due to which there has also been a danger of getting attacked. Similar problems have been seen from Kovid before Monkeypox. These viruses are causing a lot of damage to the vital organs of the body.

Dr. Singh says about this that monkeypox is a viral infection. This type of virus can cause myocarditis, although this has been rarely seen before in monkeypox, but now it is happening in some cases. In such a situation, it is important that people take care of their heart health and keep getting checked regularly.

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