Migraine Awareness Month: This type of headache is a symptom of migraine, here are the ways to prevent it

The problem of migraine has become quite common in the country. Its cases are seen more in women. Its most common symptom is a sharp pain on one side of the head. If someone gets this problem once, then it remains for a long time. That’s why it is called a chronic disease of the head. There are two types of migraine. In this the first is aura and the second is migraine without aura. Their symptoms are also different. Migraine is said to be a neuro related problem. It can affect people of any age. According to doctors, the problem of migraine occurs due to changes in the function of the arteries of the face or brain.

In many cases, this problem can also occur due to poor lifestyle, mental stress, bright light, dust, smoke, not having periods on time and due to genetic reasons. Changes in weather and hormonal imbalance can also become a reason for this. This disease affects the brain. Sometimes the pain of migraine is very sharp, due to which trouble starts. This pain may persist for a few hours or even days.

The problem of migraine is seen more in women. Out of every 10 of its patients, 6 to 7 are women. This problem can also occur during periods in women. According to Dr. Ishwar, Chief of Neuro Department, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, in most cases of migraine, there is a sharp pain in the head on one side. It affects half of the head. This is a type of neurological problem. It should be treated immediately as soon as its symptoms appear.

These are the symptoms of migraine

Headache also occurs in migraine and sometimes headache can be due to other reasons as well. In such a situation, by these symptoms you can identify whether it is a migraine pain or a common problem.

dark spots before the eyes

severe pain in one side of the head

tingling feeling on face

vomiting accompanied by severe headache

How to prevent migraine

Don’t suddenly switch from hot to cold environment

avoid direct sunlight

keep body hydrated

Keep blood sugar and BP levels under control.

Take care of the diet and do not eat too much fried food

do not drink alcohol and smoke

Exercise daily for at least half an hour

maintain sleep-wake pattern

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