Medical Gaslighting: Know what is medical gaslighting and how dangerous it can be!

The word gaslighting may be new to you, but there are many patients around the world including India, who themselves do not even know when they became a victim of this problem. In gaslighting, an individual or group psychologically forces a person to doubt one’s own conscience or intelligence. In such a situation, a person starts doubting everything, thinking and thinking of himself and becomes dependent on others. In most cases gaslighting It is done intentionally to gain control over a person. In psychology, the term gaslighting is used for domestic abuse. But when the patient is confused by a doctor, it is called medical gas lighting.

medical gaslighting In a way, it is a misbehavior by the doctor. Many times we feel that we are very sick from inside, but when we tell our condition to the doctor, then the doctor either does not listen to your problem carefully, or avoids it by calling it a mental fit and tells you that You are a perfect fit. This must have happened to you at one time or another. This condition is called medical gas lighting. The confidence of the victim of gaslighting starts decreasing and he starts delusional about his own ability. He feels that his memory is starting to weaken and he also starts considering his own feelings and senses as wrong. It also affects the physical and mental health of the person. If you want to save yourself from being a victim of gaslighting, then know here the special things related to medical gaslighting.

First learn where did the term gaslighting come from

The term gaslighting was first used in the year 1938. The term gas light appeared in the play of English novel and play writer Patrick Hamilton. In that play, a husband used to make his wife realize that her mental balance has deteriorated. That is, the purpose of gaslighting is to shake one’s confidence.

Gaslighting can lead to a dangerous state of depression

Gaslighting can happen in any kind of relationship. Due to this problem, a person can also reach the dangerous stage of depression. Although anyone can be a victim of gaslighting, but in most cases women are seen suffering from this problem because even today women are underestimated as compared to men and their judgment and beliefs are doubted.

Serena Williams has also been a victim of medical gaslighting

Tennis player Serena Williams has also been a victim of medical gaslighting. After becoming a mother, she had problems with pulmonary embolism. When he told the medical team about the symptoms of this problem, the team did not pay much attention to him. But she knew that she was in trouble. He could hardly explain the problem to the medical team and asked them to take this problem seriously.

Medical gaslighting can cause this damage

, Patients can be a victim of tension.

, The patient’s disease will be detected later and by then the condition can become serious.

, If the patient does not listen to the whole thing, then the treatment can be wrong.

, The patient’s life can also be lost due to the negligence of the doctor.

Recognize the wrong behavior of the doctor like this

, If you tell your problem to the doctor and he does not listen to you carefully.

, Give your advice to you only after listening half the talk.

, Ignore the symptoms of your illness.

, Attribute your mental state to the symptoms of the disease.

, Do not recommend any test even after seeing the situation.

Ways to deal with medical gaslighting

, Write in a diary the kind of problems you are facing, the symptoms you are experiencing.

, Also write about what are your trigger points, under what circumstances, what difficulties you have to go through.

, Carry details of medical history, medicines and family medical history with you.

, Complain in consumer forum if you are ignored by the expert.

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