Many personalities are seen in the same person? It’s Dissociative Identity Disorder

Many times you must have seen more than one personality in the people living around you. That is, a person suddenly starts behaving like another person and for some time it seems that some other personality has come in him. During this, he can suddenly get angry or his expressions also change completely. In the village countryside, it is treated as a problem of ghosts and tantriks. Although this one mental illness who is this dissociative identity disorder is called.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a mental illness in which two or more personalities live in the same person. During a particular event that other personality comes out and after a while the person becomes the same as before. This disease was also shown in the famous film Aaprichit. Psychiatrists tell that this disease occurs due to some tragic event or trauma in life. If someone has been exploited in childhood, then this disease can develop in such a child by growing up.

Mental illness is DID

Former psychiatry specialist of AIIMS New Delhi, Dr. Srinivas Rajkumar explains that Dissociative Identity Disorder is also called hysteria. There is no one clear reason for the occurrence of this disease. DIDA: Some other personality comes in a person for some time. This happens due to some mental trauma or tragic event in childhood. Sometimes this also happens due to mental stress. If there has been abuse in childhood and a similar incident happens again, then this trauma repeats and through this the person gets angry or suddenly there is a change in behavior for some time.

When another personality comes into the body due to Dissociative Identity Disorder, the person does not even know what he has done. Although in some cases it is remembered faintly.

lack of awareness

According to Dr. Rajkumar, there is a lack of awareness about this disease in the country. People suffering from this consider the patient to be a hindrance of ghosts, whereas it is not so. In some cases, people think of such patients as mental, but they should not do so. This disease is also like other mental problems.

These are symptoms

sudden changes in behavior and behavior

missing things

having a false memory

act weird

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