Many diseases spread all around, now preparations will also have to be made to prevent dengue

In the last six months, many types of diseases are spreading in the country. covid battling with monkeypox Virus also came and people are getting infected by it. Children are getting disease like tomato flu. Cases of this flu are constantly coming to the fore. Although the cases of corona have decreased, but this virus is not over yet. In the present situation, man is surrounded by many diseases from all around. If one disease subsides, another arises. People are troubled by these ever-increasing infectious diseases and are protecting themselves. Now in the meantime dengue is also spreading. The cases of this fever are increasing rapidly.

Dengue cases are gaining momentum in the country’s capital Delhi. There have been 152 cases of this fever in Delhi in September. Which is the highest this year. Dengue patients are also increasing in hospitals. Among these infectious diseases, the increasing case of dengue has created a new concern. This is because dengue, like these virus-borne diseases, proves to be fatal in many cases. Last year, cases of dengue deaths were also reported in Delhi. This disease can target people of any age.

The biggest challenge among people is how to identify dengue among these diseases and how to prevent it. At the same time, a person surrounded by many types of infectious diseases is also seen helpless. Most of the people are not even aware about the symptoms and tests of dengue. People are getting only Kovid test done when they have fever. But there is no one’s fault in this either. This is because whether it is covid, monkeypox or tomato flu, the initial symptom of all these diseases is fever. In such a situation, it is becoming very difficult to differentiate between these diseases. It is only when the symptoms increase that it is known that the person has actually been infected. But in this situation sometimes there is a delay in the treatment.

In such a situation, it is now necessary to be alert about dengue as well. If someone has fever and it persists for more than two days, then definitely get tested for dengue. If dengue is confirmed in the test, then do not try to treat yourself and consult a doctor. Do not think of fever as only Kovid and get other tests done.

Dengue and covid together is a big danger

At present, people are at risk of many diseases at once. Cases of tomato flu are constantly coming in children. Some children have to be admitted to the hospital. Although the cases of monkeypox are not increasing, but suspected patients continue to be found in many states. Although the cases of Kovid have decreased, but if a patient suffering from chronic disease has Kovid, then he also needs to be admitted to the hospital.

All three are infectious diseases and spread from one person to another. Experts say that the virus that spreads these diseases is fully active. Their cases may increase anytime in the future. In such a situation, spreading dengue can be a big challenge. This is because if a person has covid and dengue together it is considered dangerous.

Dengue can also be fatal

In many cases, due to dengue, the patient gets dengue shock syndrome. This is a very dangerous situation. Due to dengue, platelets start decreasing rapidly. This deficiency leads to leakage of blood vessels. Due to which there is a lack of blood in the body and this condition leads to shock syndrome. When this happens, the patient needs ICU. In many cases there is also the possibility of death. Children are also at great risk from this fever and it causes diarrhea and high fever in them. In such a situation, it is important that people do not take dengue lightly and prevent it.

How to control dengue

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that to avoid dengue, it is most important not to allow water to stagnate anywhere around the house. Apart from this, try to wear full-sleeved clothes during the day and do not allow mosquitoes to breed in the house. You can also use mosquito net while sleeping at night. If someone has a fever and it persists for more than two days, then definitely get the platelets test done.

Do not panic if you have dengue and consult a doctor. Usually this fever gets cured in five to seven days and the patient remains healthy due to proper diet and taking medicines on time. Taking care of the diet also reduces the risk of low platelets levels.

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