Malaria: In case of malaria, eat not only papaya but also these things, it will be beneficial

in India Monsoon As soon as it comes, cases of serious diseases like dengue and malaria start increasing rapidly. The main reason for this is the stagnant water and dirt on the roads. Actually, mosquitoes can easily breed because of water and they Malaria spread diseases like Mistakes like freezing of water may be reduced, but if we take precautions, then the risk of getting this disease is further reduced. Despite many efforts, people fall prey to serious diseases like malaria.

Medical treatment is most important when malaria occurs, but by adopting some home remedies, this disease can also be got rid of. The specialty of these home remedies is that if you adopt them even in normal life, then apart from malaria, many other diseases will also be away from you. Know what kind of household things you can consumeā€¦

Ginger powder and water

Ginger has anti-bacterial properties, which protect our body from diseases. Ginger is rich in antioxidants, if consumed properly, then it boosts our immunity. If the immune system is strong, then you will not be able to catch serious diseases like malaria. Take ginger powder and mix it with water and drink it. The importance of ginger has also been told in Ayurveda.

papaya leaf and honey

Due to malaria or dengue, our platelets start falling rapidly. In this condition, apart from medicines, indigenous prescriptions are also adopted. Even today in most parts of India, people increase the platelets count by adopting methods related to papaya. Papaya leaves have many such properties, which make our immune system strong. Boil papaya leaves in water and mix honey in it and drink this healthy drink in the morning. If you have malaria and you adopt this recipe, then this problem can go away soon.

Fenugreek seeds

When it comes to boosting immunity by indigenous methods, how can one forget the recipe of fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds contain anti-plasmodium, which works to eliminate the malaria virus by boosting immunity. To adopt the recipe of fenugreek seeds, soak its seeds at night and drink this water after heating it slightly in the morning. If you want, you can also eat it by making a paste of soaked seeds.

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