Maharashtra Corona Reports: Corona speed up in Maharashtra, one patient died among 550 new cases

Maharashtra (MaharashtraIn ) the speed of Corona has increased again. Corona cases have crossed five hundred for the fourth consecutive day. 550 new cases of Kovid on Sunday (29 May)Covid Cases) have appeared. There were 529 new case reports on Saturday. Corona has picked up pace in the state for the last four days, but it was a matter of relief that on Friday and Saturday, CoronaCoronavirus) did not cause a single death. 1 patient died on Sunday. At present, the death rate in Maharashtra is 1.87 percent. 324 people have also recovered from Corona. On Saturday, 325 people were cured of Corona. At present, the recovery rate in the state is 98.09 percent. So far, 77 lakh 35 thousand 8 people have gone home after recovering from Corona in Maharashtra.

If we compare the condition of corona in the state with the condition of the country, then the speed of corona is increasing across the country as well. In the country, 2 thousand 828 new cases have been reported in a day. A day before this, 2 thousand 658 cases were reported. Maharashtra has been successful to a large extent in preventing the deaths due to corona. While 1 death occurred in Maharashtra on Sunday, the death toll has reached 14 across the country. However, 24 hours before this, the figure of 33 deaths in the country was revealed. In this context, the death toll across the country has improved. So far 5 lakh 24 thousand 586 people have died due to corona across the country.

Mumbai and Pune figures are increasing the danger

At present, there are 2 thousand 997 active corona patients in Maharashtra. The most active patients of Corona are in Mumbai. There are 2 thousand 70 active corona patients only in Mumbai. After Mumbai, Pune currently has 354 active patients.

Looking at the condition of the country, the number of active corona patients has reached 17 thousand 87. In a single day, 2 thousand 35 people have defeated Corona in the country. Just a day ago, 2 thousand 158 people were cured of corona. So far, 4 crore 26 lakh 11 thousand 370 people have become free from corona in the country. If we look at the figures of the last two days, it can be said in one line that the number of people recovering has fallen and the number of people infected with corona has increased.

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