Maharashtra Corona Reports: Cases of BA 4 and 5 sub variants of Omicron were reported in Maharashtra, 7 patients were found in Pune

Corona has once again gained momentum in Maharashtra. More than five hundred cases of corona have been reported in the state for the third consecutive day. For the first time on Saturday, 4 patients of BA 4 variants and 3 patients of BA 5 variants have appeared. These seven patients of BA variant have been found from Pune city. Of these, four are men and three are women. All restrictions of Corona have been removed in Maharashtra. The strictness of masks has also been removed. In such a situation, this increasing threat of corona has again started increasing the concern. On Saturday, 529 new cases were reported in the state, although 325 people also recovered from Corona.

On Saturday, seven patients of BA variant were found together, there has been a stir. These patients have taken both doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine. Only one of these is a 9-year-old child, who has not taken the vaccine. However, it is a matter of relief that mild symptoms of corona have been found in these seven patients. All the patients have been quarantined at their homes.

It is a matter of relief that no one has died even today.

It is a matter of relief for Maharashtra that like Friday, there has not been a single death from Corona on Saturday. The death rate in the state is 1.87 percent. That is, in the case of death due to corona, the condition of Maharashtra is quite comforting as compared to the condition of the country. 33 deaths have been registered in the country in the last one day. There were 14 deaths from Corona yesterday as well. In comparison, the death toll in Maharashtra was zero on Friday and also zero on Saturday.

The danger is increasing rapidly in Mumbai and Pune

If we talk about active corona patients in Maharashtra at this time, then the highest number is from Mumbai and after this the number of Pune comes. At present, there are 2772 active corona patients in Maharashtra. Out of these, 1929 patients are from Mumbai and 318 patients are from Pune. If you look at the situation in the country, at this time the active corona case has crossed 16 thousand.

How many patients in the country and Maharashtra were cured of corona

In Maharashtra, 325 people were cured of corona on Saturday. So far 77 lakh 34 thousand 734 people have gone home after recovering from Corona in the state. In this way the recovery rate of the state has been 98.09. Whereas in the last one day in the country, 2 thousand 158 people were cured of corona. So far, 4 crore 26 lakh 9 thousand 335 people have been cured of corona in the country.

Corona did not stop in the country, although the infection was slightly less than yesterday

More than 500 cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra for the third consecutive day. However, against 536 new cases on Friday, 529 new cases were reported on Saturday. If we look at the condition of the whole country, here too there was a slight decline as compared to a day earlier. On Friday, 2710 new cases were reported and 2685 new cases were found in the last one day. But the matter of concern is that once again the number of new cases is increasing in comparison to those recovering from corona.

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