Kovid’s attack along with H3N2, will double attack of virus be fatal? Learn from experts

H3N2 Virus and Covid: in country influenza Of H3N2 Virus cases are increasing continuously. Amidst this virus, now Corona has also started spreading again. Ministry of Health According to the data, 796 new cases of Kovid have come in the country in the last 24 hours. 109 days later Active Patients The number of Bhai has crossed the figure of 5000. After about four months, this increase in the cases of Kovid is increasing the concern. The scope of influenza is increasing and deaths are also happening due to it. Now Covid is also spreading. Due to this, there is a danger of double attack of virus in the country. This is because both influenza and covid virus cause respiratory infection. That is, due to these, there can be problems of breathing. Patients with influenza are also at risk of getting pneumonia. Pneumonia cases also come from Kovid. Now the question arises that if both the viruses spread together, will they prove fatal? Or will the cases start decreasing in the next few weeks? To know the answer, we have spoken to experts from AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital.

Both viruses can infect simultaneously

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi (AIIMS) Professor in the Department of Critical Care in Dr. Yudhveer Singh show that Infection with both viruses can occur at the same time. Due to this, there is a risk of deteriorating the condition of the patient. Although the cases of multi infection are rare, but still people should remain alert. Especially those with weak immunity and the elderly have to take special care at this time. In such people, both these viruses can infect the lungs, due to which there is a risk of pneumonia. Pneumonia is a deadly disease. Although the danger can be only for high risk people, but still People are advised to be alert. Get treated for symptoms of cough, cold or fever. If the problem persists for more than three days, then contact the doctors.

Why are Covid cases rising again?

In Safdarjung Hospital Dr Deepak Suman say that This weather is very favorable for the virus to flourish. Last year it was seen that during March-April the cases of Kovid had increased. The same is happening this time too. One reason for this can also be that now people are going to the hospital due to cough, cold or fever. Where along with influenza, the test of covid is also being done. More people are getting the investigation done, so cases are also coming to the fore. In such a situation, due to increase in tests, the figures of Kovid are also increasing, but there is nothing to worry about. Kovid has become very mild in India and its symptoms are similar to flu. In such a situation, there is not much danger from both the viruses.

Both viruses are not fatal

Dr. Singh says that at this time people have to be very careful. There is a need to increase the use of masks again. Respiratory infection can be prevented with the help of a mask. In this way the risk of virus will also be less., Dr. Singh says that influenza or Kovid is not very fatal at the moment. In the deaths that have taken place due to influenza, it needs to be seen that what is the main cause of death. Because most of the people who died were also patients of some other disease. In such a situation, these viruses will not harm a healthy person. That’s why people do not need to panic. Just focus on defense. read this also: Danger knocks! Influenza-A virus attack intensifies in Kanpur, 23 patients and admitted

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