Kovid: Intranasal vaccine trial completed, people can get needleless vaccine this month

Bharat Biotech to your intranasal covid 19 vaccine It is expected to get the license from the regulatory body this month. Dr. Krishna Ella, President and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech said that Bharat Biotech International Limited will apply for the license. If all goes well, people will get the nasal vaccine against the coronavirus pandemic in August. In such a situation, if a new variant of Corona comes, it will help in fighting it. In such a situation, it will also help in reducing the risk of Kovid in future.

Dr. Ella said that the firm has completed the trial of the nasal vaccine on about 4,000 volunteers. So far no case of side effect has been reported from it. In January, the Drug Controller General of India approved Bharat Biocak for clinical trials of an intranasal vaccine as a booster dose. DCGI has also given permission to conduct Phase III trials to compare the immunogenicity and safety of intranasal vaccine with Covaxin. This trial will be done at nine sites.

Nasal Vaccine is very beneficial

Dr. Ella said that the vaccine given through injection of corona only protects some part of the body. That’s why many people were found corona positive even after getting the vaccine, but the nasal vaccine is needleless and it provides protection to the whole body. In such a situation, this vaccine will prove to be very beneficial in the fight against Corona.

Increasing cases of Omicron variants

He said that the cases of Omicron’s ba.5 variant are increasing continuously in the country. This is also likely to increase hospitalization. This variant is also different from the Delta variant. If it spreads then it can be a threat, but work is being done in view of its potential danger. The risk of variants can be reduced through this vaccine.

What is Intranasal Vaccine

The intranasal vaccine is a needleless vaccine based on the novel adenovirus vector. This vaccine is given through the nose. There is no need for a trained healthcare worker to apply this vaccine. According to experts, a single dose of it builds a strong immunity against Kovid. It proves helpful in stopping the transmission chain of the virus.

Trial of this vaccine has been done for booster dose. Since now the gap of booster dose has also been reduced to six months. In such a situation, if the nasal vaccine gets the approval of the regulatory body, this vaccine may be available this month. Due to which more and more people can get a booster dose.

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