Kidney Health: Viral in monsoon also damages the kidney, follow these tips

Monsoon season may bring relief from the heat, but it also brings with it many diseases. Frequent change of temperature, humidity and other reasons increase the risk of infection in the body. By the way Monsoon Food combinations and water also harm our health. in this condition typhoidThere are chances of getting problems like Hepatitis A or E.

These diseases are common in monsoon, but if the viral infection increases more, then the health of the kidney starts getting affected. In this article, we are going to tell you some such important tips, by which you can protect yourself from viral infection. Learn about them….

eating and drinking

Due to heavy rains in monsoon, the water starts freezing and the germs present in the air also settle on the food items. For this reason, it is advisable to take special care of food during the season. For this, you can make some things a part of the routine. Wash hands with soap occasionally and be hygienic. Apart from this, make a habit of drinking boiled water. Apart from this, if you sit in AC, then keep in mind one important thing from coming in outside temperature. Switch off the AC before going out and go out after about 10 minutes. Change in temperature can also make you a victim of viral infection.


The anti-inflammatory properties present in fruits keep you away from diseases. It is specially said in Ayurveda that to keep the body healthy, then seasonal fruits should be consumed daily. By the way, people also make mistakes in consuming fruits. Most people cut and store the fruits and eat them after a long time. If you eat pre-cut fruits, then this method can make you a victim of infection. In such a situation, the health of the kidney suffers. Cut the fruits when you want to eat them and wash them first.

physical activity

Due to the monsoon rains, most people are unable to follow the routine of activities like walking, running or cycling. You can stay healthy by doing many physical activities even by staying at home. If you can do those exercises, then they can be done easily at home and you will find many options on its internet. Due to not being active, the risk of infection remains.

(The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. TV9 Hindi does not confirm these. Follow this only after consulting an expert.)

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