Jau ki Rabdi: Drink barley rabri in summer, not only taste but it is also beneficial for health

Barley is a kind of grain. Its taste is cold. It contains many nutrients. It contains fiber, protein, iron and calcium. Its consumption in summer is very beneficial for the body. Its consumption works to cool the body. You can consume it in many ways in summer. You can also consume laddus, porridge, roti and sherbet made from barley flour. It works to protect against heat stroke. Apart from this, you can also make barley flour rabri (Jau ki Rabdi) can also be made. It is very tasty. It is popularly consumed in South Haryana. This dish is usually made in the evening. This is a very light and tasty dish. Let’s learn how to make it.

Ingredients for making Rabdi

a bowl of barley flour

2 glasses buttermilk

a cup of water

1 tsp wheat flour

salt to taste

how to make rabdi

step 1

First of all, mix barley flour, buttermilk, wheat flour and water in a bowl.

Step – 2

Keep the pan on low flame. Pour this solution into the pan. Keep stirring it continuously so that there are no lumps.

Step – 3

Cook this mixture on low flame till it boils. After that add salt to it. Mix it and switch off the gas. Now consume it when it cools down.

health benefits of barley

Barley works to remove many stomach related problems. It relieves the problem of bloating, gas and constipation.
Its regular consumption is very beneficial for asthma patients. It is also very good for pregnant women. It works to reduce morning sickness. It gives relief from the problem of stones. It lowers the blood sugar level. It also helps in reducing weight. Barley has medicinal properties. It provides relief in cold and cough. Barley contains iron. It works to reduce the risk of anemia. It works to keep the skin healthy. The consumption of barley helps in maintaining the health of the liver. It can prove to be very beneficial for people suffering from the problem of arthritis. Consumption of barley reduces the risk of cancer. It makes bones and teeth strong.

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