It is very important to take care after abortion, take special care of these things

After abortion care: After getting it done, women have to face many problems. lack of blood in the body, mental stress And the problem of anxiety is the most. Many times women have to be admitted to the hospital again after some time of abortion. However, this problem can be overcome by taking some precautions. Let us tell you what things should be kept in mind after abortion.

Gynecologist Dr. Swati Singh says that problems like anemia are very common in women after abortion. To avoid this, diet has to be taken care of. Women should include green vegetables and dry fruits in their diet. Along with this, vitamin D- calcium and iron should also be made a part of the diet. For this, seasonal fruits and eggs can be eaten.

don’t exercise

It is advised not to do heavy exercise for a few weeks after the abortion. Do not do any such exercise or work which puts pressure on the nerves of the stomach. This is because after abortion, complaints of abdominal pain and cramps can be felt. There is a risk of making this situation worse with any excise. If there is abdominal cramps or pain then hot compression can be resorted to. For this, compress the stomach with a hot bag. Try to pay more attention to rest and stay on bed rest. Along with this, it is also important not to take mental stress. Be happy and take care of your diet. oh

Plan pregnancy only after three months of abortion

Pregnancy planning should be done only after three months of abortion. Failure to do so can have a serious effect on health. That’s why it is important not to plan a child immediately after the abortion. If the abortion has happened for more than four months, then one should not become pregnant for at least the next eight to 12 months.

Medical checkup required

Get all your medical checkups done regularly. It is necessary to get BP, sugar, cholesterol checked. Along with this, keep an eye on your periods cycle as well. If there is any change in it, then immediately consult the doctors. If there is a problem like dizziness, vomiting or nausea, then also contact the doctors. Do not be careless in this matter at all.

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