Is blood cancer also genetic? Know the opinion of the expert

Blood cancer: Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing every year. This disease is spreading like an epidemic. Now people are falling prey to cancer even at a young age. There are many types of cancer, in which blood cancer is considered very dangerous. The symptoms of this cancer start appearing in the initial stage itself, but people do not know about it. Because of this, most of the cases are reported in the advanced stage. Doctors say that blood cancer is not genetic in many cases. This cancer happens at any age. Children are also very vulnerable to this cancer. Associate Director, Center for Bone Marrow Transplant at BLK Max Hospital, Delhi Dr Pawan Kumar Singh It is said that blood cancer is not genetic like many other cancers. When we say that the origin of cancer is genetic, it means that the patient already has a genetic abnormality, which can make any patient more susceptible to blood cancer. For example TP53 mutation can cause many blood cancers.

cancer genetics are different

Cancer genetics is different and this means that some genetic abnormality has been found present in any patient t who has had blood cancer. Genetic abnormalities are found in many blood cancer patients and some can be good and some can be bad. However, nowadays many such techniques have come, through which the disease can be easily detected through genome sequencing. One of these techniques is called NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). Through this, genetic diseases are easily identified. There has been a lot of development in the treatment of this cancer in the last few years. New technologies have made the treatment of patients easier.

These are the symptoms of blood cancer

Blood cancer disease damages blood function. Blood cancer includes three diseases. This includes leukemia, lymphoma and multiple lipoma. Blood cancer occurs in stem cells.

These signs are seen when there is blood cancer

Weakness Fatigue Yellowing of the skin Sudden weight loss Read also: Cervical cancer affects every second woman in the age group of 30 to 60 years in this city.

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