Influenza and Adenovirus: Double attack of virus in the country, this vaccine is a panacea

InFluenza and Adenovirus: At present, double attack of virus is happening in the country. People are suffering from H3N2 virus of influenza (flu) in many areas. Two patients have also died due to this virus. At the same time, adenovirus is wreaking havoc in West Bengal. In Bengal, children are getting infected by it in large numbers and children are also dying. Doctors say that both influenza and adenovirus are now becoming dangerous. After the deaths due to these viruses, experts have advised people to be alert. Experts say that both these viruses can be protected by getting the flu vaccine. Many experts, including Dr. Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS, have also advised people to wear masks. However, at the ground level, people are not seen following the rules to prevent the virus. Doctors say that if people are negligent, then this virus can spread dangerously. Now deaths are also taking place due to them, so it is better to prevent before getting infected. Both viruses can be dangerous Senior Physician and Pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah tells TV9 that both adenovirus and H3A2 are respiratory infections. That is, both these viruses can affect the lungs. Adenovirus cases are on the rise in young children. Children are getting pneumonia due to this virus, which is also causing death. At the same time, two patients have also died due to influenza, which means it is also becoming fatal now. Children below 5 years, pregnant women can also become very ill with influenza. In such a situation, vaccination is very important for prevention. Flu vaccine will protect you, the flu vaccine is very effective in preventing both these viruses. The flu vaccine creates antibodies in the body. Which can protect against flu and adenovirus. Since there is no prescribed treatment for both these viruses. In such a situation, it is very important to get vaccinated. Especially those with weak immunity and children and the elderly must take the flu vaccine. This vaccine can be administered every year. The flu vaccine protects against seasonal infections. Anyone from a child above 6 months to the elderly can get this vaccine. However, a doctor should also be consulted before taking the vaccine. According to Dr. Arun, if the flu vaccine is used, it reduces the problem of cold and flu. It protects against flu by 60 to 70 percent. Influenza does not cause dangerous symptoms due to vaccination, due to which there is no danger of life. Also read: Is H3N2 virus spreading like Covid? Know the opinion of experts, read this also: Cold and flu are not just viral fever, it can also be Kovid or RSV infection, identify it like this

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