If you sleep with your mobile under the pillow, then be careful

Waking up in the morning, most of us look at our phone first. Even at night, we sleep by looking at our mobile phone before sleeping. But after seeing the mobile, we either keep it under the pillow or keep the phone next to us. Most people sleep with their phone under the pillow because if Mobile If it does, he will pick it up in a hurry. But do you know that sleeping with a mobile under the pillow can prove to be dangerous for us? Today we will give you information about this.

Do not keep the phone under the pillow

There are many disadvantages of sleeping by keeping the mobile under the pillow. The World Health Organization has also done many types of research regarding this. According to a research related to this in the year 2011, by sleeping under the mobile pillow, the radio frequency is always with you, which can also interfere with sleep. It is more harmful on children than on adults.

Damage caused by blue light

Let us tell you that when we sleep by keeping our mobile under the pillow, most of us are troubled by its blue light. Whenever it vibrates or its ring tone plays, we can see it. In such a situation, due to repeatedly seeing the blue light of the phone in the dark, our eyes are harmed.

fear of fire

The biggest danger of sleeping by keeping the phone under the pillow is that when the mobile phone is hot and after keeping it under the pillow, there is a risk of fire in it. Let us tell you that many people sleep with the phone in charging near them, which can prove to be very dangerous.

sleep is disturbed

According to research, the ringing of the phone is not just a day’s sleep, but it can disturb your sleep pattern. Let us tell you that its radio frequency can change the sleep pattern in such a way that you can feel tired even when you are sleeping.

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