If you have become infected with H3N2 virus, do not panic, follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor

Influenza Virus: Cases of subtype H3N2 virus of influenza (flu) are increasing continuously across the country. Two deaths have also been registered in the country due to influenza. Its cases are increasing from Delhi-NCR to South India. In such a situation, people’s concern about the virus has also started increasing. Although doctors say that people do not need to panic, but in view of the increasing danger of the virus, it is necessary to protect. If people take precautions then there is no danger. What is H3N2 virus and what to do if infected with it? To know this, we have talked to experts. What is H3N2? Dr. Meenakshi Jain, director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Max Hospital in Patparganj, says that there are four types of influenza. It contains influenza A, B, C and D. H3N2 is a subtype of influenza A virus. Its cases come every year during the change of weather. The strain of its virus also keeps on changing. When infected with H3N2, fever comes and along with body ache, there are complaints of cough and cold. Due to this virus, the symptom of cough persists for a long time, which takes up to two weeks to get cured. In some cases the symptoms may persist for a long time. What to do if you are infected? Keep the body hydrated If there is fever then you can take paracetamol Take cough syrup Take steam Include zinc and multivitamin in diet Take antiviral medicine Include fruits in diet Do not eat fatty food How to protect Wear a mask Avoid living in crowds Coughing Cover your mouth while sneezing Get flu vaccine Vaccination of flu vaccine does not cause severe symptoms These people should take special care According to Dr. Minakshi Jain, this time the symptoms of H3N2 are taking longer to heal, although pneumonia from flu The rate of occurrence is the same as it was last year, but people who have heart disease, diabetes or have weak immunity should take special care. These people should get treatment from the doctor immediately if they have cough and cold. Do not be careless in this matter at all. Read this also: Influenza and Adenovirus: Double attack of virus in the country, this is a vaccine, panacea treatment Also read: Is H3N2 virus also spreading like Kovid? Know the opinion of experts

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