How to differentiate between H3N2 virus and common cold? Know the answer from experts

H3N2 Virus: At present, cases of subtype H3N2 virus of influenza (flu) are continuously increasing in many states of the country. Every second patient coming to the OPD of the hospitals has a complaint of cough, cold and mild fever. In such a situation, many people are also worried that they have got H3N2 infection. Because cough and cold is the biggest symptom of this virus, but doctors say that it is not necessary that every person suffering from cough and cold will have H3N2 virus. Its symptoms are also slightly different from common cold and cough. Let us know from the experts that how can the difference between the symptoms of common cold and H3N2 be identified. Dr. Deepak Suman of Safdarjung Hospital says that the symptoms of influenza start with cough and cold only, but there are some differences between them. The common cold and cough may go away within a few hours, but the symptoms of influenza can last for several days. Especially the problem of cough is happening for several weeks. There is also a problem of body ache and headache due to influenza. In some cases, shivering may also be felt, but this does not happen in common cold or phlegm. The right way to know the difference between these is that if a person has cough-cold and mild fever for more than three days, then it can be a symptom of H3A2. In this situation, do not consider it as a normal cold and consult a doctor. Is H3N2 the same as Corona? Dr. Deepak Suman says that Corona is a completely different virus. It is very different from H3N2. Flu-like symptoms are found in most of the infected with H3N2. It is much less contagious than Kovid and the risk of death is much less. Only those people are at risk, who already have a serious illness or are elderly. While this was not seen in Kovid. Corona had a serious effect on the lungs, but no such case is being seen in H3N2. Only 1 or 2 patients out of 100 are complaining of pneumonia. How to protect against H3N2 Wear a mask Keep the body hydrated Avoid eating outside food Cover the mouth while coughing or sneezing Avoid coming in contact with an infected person Is there relief from this virus? Also read: Is H3N2 a new form of corona? Who is most at risk, know the answer to every question from experts

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