Hepatitis B: Consumption of alcohol can cause hepatitis B virus, it also damages the liver

The cases of hepatitis disease are increasing continuously around the world. Hepatitis is a virus infection that also damages the liver. If this disease is not treated on time then liver completely ruined and liver transplant Until it happens. There are many types of hepatitis infection. In this, many cases of hepatitis B and C are recorded. Let us tell you what is Hepatitis B virus. How does it spread and what are its symptoms?

Dr. Shubham Vatsya, Department of Gastroenterology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad explains that Hepatitis B is a DNA virus. Which spreads through various body fluids. Transmission of infection occurs when hepatitis B viral particles in the body fluids of an infected person enter the bodies of other individuals.

There are many reasons for the spread of hepatitis B virus.

1. (From mother to child) – This is the most common mode of transmission of chronic hepatitis B. High levels of HBV DNA are the main single risk factor for perinatal transmission in pregnant women.

2. Sexual intercourse – Hepatitis B can also be spread through sex. Non-vaccinated adults who have multiple sexual partners, as well as people with chronic hepatitis B infection, can spread it from person to person.

3. Multiple use of needles for drug injection

4. Consumption of alcohol

can also damage the liver

Liver is also damaged due to hepatitis disease. If the skin is turning yellow. The eyes are getting yellow, the weight is suddenly decreasing. If there are digestive problems, then it can be a symptom of hepatitis. In this situation, doctors should be consulted immediately.

According to the World Health Organization, viral hepatitis is the second most infectious disease after TB. Although 9 out of 10 people are not aware of the symptoms of this disease. This virus is a silent killer. Because people come to know its symptoms very late.

Dr. explains that it is very important to take care of lifestyle and diet to avoid hepatitis. To prevent this, it is necessary not to consume alcohol, exercise daily and take care of diet. Include adequate amount of protein and vitamins in the diet.

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