Heart Problems: Heart can fail if attacked more than once, so do the prevention

In the last few years, the cases of heart attack are increasing significantly. About 15 percent of the population, especially the youth, are suffering from many heart-related diseases, due to which heart failure is coming. Doctors say that keeping lifestyle right and treating heart related problems on time can prevent heart diseases. (Heart Diseases) The danger can be reduced to a great extent. For this it is important that people have the right information about the symptoms of heart diseases. Along with this, awareness about its treatment and precautions also increased. Doctors say that it can be fought by getting the right treatment at the right time. If this disease is detected in the early symptoms and treatment is started in the hospital, then the heart can be kept safe.

50% cases of heart diseases

Dr. Chandrashekhar, Associate Director, Department of Interventional Cardiology at Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, Delhi and Dr. Dinesh Chandra, Principal Consultant, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery have given information about heart diseases and their prevention. Dr Chandrashekhar said that out of the total diseases that occur every year in India, about 50 percent cases are related to different diseases related to heart. It is also a major cause of premature death. Even more surprising is that heart-related diseases are being seen in the young population between the ages of 25-40.

These are symptoms

According to Dr Chandrashekhar, complaints of chest pain, pressure in the chest, pain in the jaw, pain in the left shoulder, pain in the hands-elbow and waist, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, tiredness and fainting are symptoms related to the heart. They are seen in different stages of the disease. Patients who have frequent heart attacks are also at risk of heart failure.

Coronary artery problem in youth

Coronary artery problem is happening the most in the young population. If this problem happens with hypertension and diabetes, then it increases the risk of heart attack and it can also become fatal. Coronary artery can be treated through bypass surgery. Now a latest technology has come in which ‘Total Arterial Bypass’ surgery is done, which is the best. Patients have benefited greatly from minimally invasive heart surgery with minimal incisions. It takes very less time, blood loss is also less, pain is also less and patient has to stay in hospital for very less time. Not only this, after the surgery, the patient starts recovering faster and can return to his job or work.

keep these things in mind

According to doctors, to keep the heart healthy, it is necessary to improve lifestyle, correct eating habits, do not allow obesity to increase, and also avoid diabetes and high blood pressure.

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