Heart attack: Women are twice as likely to die of heart attack as compared to men, revealed in research

Heart attack: About 18 million people die every year worldwide heart diseases is caused by Continuous research also goes on regarding heart disease. Now a new research has revealed that the risk of death from heart attack is twice as high in women as compared to men. This has been disclosed in the European Society of Cardiology. In this research, 884 patients were included, of which 27 percent were women.

The women involved in the research had problems of high BP, diabetes and stroke. All the patients had ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. This is a serious condition of heart disease. In this, the arteries of the heart get blocked up to 100 percent. Out of a total of 844 patients, about 5 percent of men and 12 percent of women died due to heart attack within 30 days of having heart disease.

In these, the risk factor of heart disease was also higher than that of men. This study was also done on another group, in which 435 patients above 55 years were included. In this, 12 percent of women died within 30 days. This clearly shows that the risk of death due to heart attack is many times higher in women than in men.

Heart attack cases are on the rise

Cardiac Surgeon in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Delhi Dr. Ajit Jain It is said that heart diseases have increased a lot in the last three years. The cases of heart attack are also increasing. The main reason for this is Kovid virus, bad lifestyle and bad food habit. Due to Kovid, there is blockage in the heart, which is causing heart attack.

These are the symptoms

According to Dr. Jain, the symptoms of heart attack are almost the same in both men and women. In this there is chest pain, dizziness, sweating, difficulty in breathing and pain in hands and jaw.

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