Heart attack: Increase in heartbeat at night can be a symptom of heart attack, these people should be alert

Heart attack cases: Often some people before sleeping at night heart beat Growing up is a problem. some people believe that this anxiety attack It happens, while some ignore it as a normal problem. But there can be many reasons for increasing heart beat. Let us know why heart beat increases and what is its treatment and prevention. Doctors tell that suddenly during heart beat increase Sweat Comes and in some cases there can be trouble in breathing. This is a direct indication that there is some problem in the heart. by not treating it on time heart attack May be up to Doctors tell that the heartbeat increases due to the increase in the electrical impulse of the heart. Although this can also happen due to sudden nervousness, but without any reason, heart beat increases while sleeping at night, then this problem can lead to heart attack. In many cases, this also happens due to blockage in the arteries of the heart. That’s why people should not take this problem lightly. If such a problem persists continuously for a few days, then get treatment from a doctor.

These people have more trouble

Cardiologist Dr. Ajit Jain says that this problem is seen more in people who have diabetes, high BP or thyroid problems. Such people should take special care of their heart health. Due to high BP and diabetes, there is already a high risk of heart diseases. In such a situation, if the electrical impulses are increasing, then the danger can be very high.

what is its treatment

In many people, this problem gets cured by itself in a few days, but if it is not happening then medicines are required for it. Treatment should be done after consulting a doctor. In patients who are at high risk, this problem is treated with therapy or surgery. People are advised that if this problem of fast heartbeat persists for more than a week, then immediately see the doctor. Do not be negligent in this matter at all, otherwise the situation may worsen. read this also : Lowering the level of Bad Cholesterol also increases the risk of heart attack, revealed in the study

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