Heart attack can also happen due to salt? Know what experts say

Heart attack cases: The problem of heart attack is taking the form of an epidemic in the country. People are having heart attack at any age. In most of the cases death is happening on the spot. There are many reasons for increasing heart disease, but do you know that salt is also related to heart diseases. If the amount of sodium in salt is more than the prescribed standard, then it can harm the heart. In view of this danger, the World Health Organization has advised to reduce the amount of sodium in salt. WHO has also launched a campaign in this regard. The World Health Organization says that the amount of sodium in salt needs to be reduced by 30 percent. There is a risk of heart disease due to excessive amount of sodium. However, India has not yet considered reducing the amount of sodium. Meanwhile, the question also arises that how is the risk of heart due to excess sodium in salt? To know this, we have talked to experts. Excess salt is harmful Dr. Deepak Suman, Senior Resident Doctor in the Cardiology Department at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi and Chief Advisor of FAMA told TV9 that excessive consumption of salt is harmful. It can cause many types of diseases in the heart. Eating too much salt leads to hypertension ie high BP. Due to this, the circulation of blood in the arteries of the heart becomes very fast. Due to this the heart is affected and there is a risk of heart attack. For this reason, people are advised to reduce the amount of salt. Heart patients are told to eat minimum salt. What should be the amount of salt in the diet? Dr. Deepak Suman told that salt is necessary for the body. However, it should not be taken in excess. Salt should not be consumed more than 2 grams in a day. Patients with diabetes or BP should take this in less than 1.5 grams a day. Not doing so can increase their problems. All the people are advised to take care of the amount of salt in the food they are taking. Avoid excessive spicy food. Try not to eat fried food. Also avoid the consumption of red meat in the diet. Read this also: Satish Kaushik Death: Heart attack cases are increasing rapidly, follow these 6 tips to keep your heart healthy 10th such death in 10 days

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