Good friends are important, including cancer, these 10 silent killers stay away: Study

There should be at least one friend in life so that we can speak our mind freely. A good friend comes in handy everywhere from stress to tough situations. A relation like friendship is selfless and expectations are not put in it. If good friends are found, then they can maintain strong bonds even with special relationships. Do you know friendship works to keep away 11 silent killers including cancer. This has been mentioned in a report published in Mirror UK. According to the study of Australia’s University of Queen Island, there are many benefits of having people in life. In this study, 7700 Australians were included, whose age was between 45 and 50. In the study, we found that increasing social relationships from middle age to early age gives us many benefits. It has been said in the study that social connection should be given importance like a public health priority. Experts say that if you stay socially connected or have good friends, then many diseases stay away from you. They can also be called silent killers. Due to good social connection, these silent killers stay away Diabetes, High BP, Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Heart disease, Stroke, COPD, Asthma, Depression, Anxiety Researchers say that to get rid of these problems, which are considered silent killers, we all need to be socially connected with people. should remain. By doing this, you are able to express yourself and if there is stress, then you can reduce or even eliminate it.

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