GM diet plan can reduce weight fast in just 7 days, follow it like this

Nowadays people are trying different tricks to lose weight. It involves following gym, workout and expensive-expensive diet plan. Talking about the diet plan, many options have started coming in this too. We are talking GM Diet Plan (GM Diet Plan) Key, for which it is claimed that if it is followed continuously for a week, then weight can be reduced rapidly. In this, it is also told that at what time you should eat which food or fruit for seven days of the week.

This type of diet plan includes foods that detox the body. In this article, we will tell you how it started and how you can follow it throughout the week.

Where did the GM diet plan come from?

Before knowing the GM diet plan, understand where it started from. This is a kind of American diet plan, which is going on in trend these days. It started with the name General Motors Diet, which started it keeping in mind the health of its employees. The matter dates back to 1985, when the GM company made this diet for the workers to reduce weight and keep them healthy. It proved to be effective and today common people also follow it.

Follow this step by step GM diet

first day: According to this diet, you have to eat only fruits on the first day. Banana should not be eaten even among fruits, because it increases weight. You can eat melon if you want. It is helpful in reducing weight and it also fulfills the deficiency of nutrients.

next day: According to the diet, it is advisable to take only vegetables on this day. You can eat them cooked or raw. Try that the vegetables are green.

Third day: On this day you can consume both fruits and vegetables, but eat them in limited quantity. Avoid eating potatoes in vegetables and bananas in fruits.

Fourth day: According to the GM diet, on the fourth day, you have to eat only milk and banana. Keeping a gap throughout the day, you can drink 6 to 7 bananas and three glasses of milk.

Fifth day: Those who eat non-veg, they can eat chicken or fish on this day. If you are a vegetarian, then eat paneer and brown rice instead of meat on this day.

Sixth day: On this day also you should eat fish or chicken and vegetarians can eat cheese instead of meat. Keep in mind that if you are consuming this heavy food, then drink more amount of water as well.

7th day: On the seventh day in the GM diet plan, you can consume fruits, vegetables and juices. Eat only beans on this day among vegetables. At the same time, instead of milk, use soy milk.

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