Girl students fainted by shouting in Balod’s school, know from experts what is the reason for this

Chhattisgarh: Chattisgarh A strange incident has come to light in a government school in Balod district. Here in a high school, a case of girl students fainting suddenly after shouting has come to light. In the school premises, girl students are falling unconscious while behaving strangely. This is happening since last several days. Because of this, the staff has also started thinking that what is happening to the girl students. some people it ghost barrier are also saying. In view of this, Hanuman Chalisa is being recited in the school.

In such a situation, the question arises whether this incident happened with the girl students is really a ghost obstacle or is there some other reason? To know this, we have talked to experts.

Why are the girl students fainting

Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, Delhi Dr Omprakash show that Such incidents happen because of poor mental health. In medical language, this disease is called hysteria. When such an incident happens to one person, it is called hysteria and when it happens to more than one person, it is called mass hysteria. If there is any old trauma, mental tension, sad incident in someone’s mind, then it comes out together at some point of time. When this happens to one person, other people present with him also experience the same.

During an attack of hysteria, a person does not know what is happening to him. During this he also goes into a state of unconsciousness. One is due to mental stress and some old trauma.

Also called dissociative identity disorder

senior psychiatrist Dr. Arun Singh show that The disease of hysteria is also called dissociative identity disorder. Cases of this disease are often seen in schoolgirls. This trauma also happens due to physical and mental abuse in childhood. Suddenly old things come to mind at once and there is an attack of hysteria. This happens due to some wrong incident in childhood or due to bad mental condition.

If a girl has such an attack, seeing her it can happen to others as well. Such incidents happening together in a group are called mass hysteria. It is not a ghostly obstacle, but a mental illness, which needs to be treated on time. This is because the symptoms of this disease start increasing with time. In many cases, such a seizure occurs that a person forgets himself for a few hours and also goes into a state of unconsciousness.

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