Fruit diet side effects: Following fruit diet for weight loss, know its disadvantages

Losing weight has become a trend nowadays. Apart from workouts, exercises, people follow expensive-expensive diet plans. They take help of dietician and in routine diet ( Diet tips in Hindi ) Pay special attention to It is said that before doing any thing, it is important to know the correct information related to its harm and benefit. but weight loss ( Weight loss mistakes ) In this trend, some people do not take care of this and they start getting harm instead of profit. Loss of weight in the wrong way leads to deficiency of nutrients in the body. Not only does it have a bad effect on the health of the skin as well. If seen, efforts are being made to reduce weight through fruit diet also. People make the mistake of relying only on fruits and consuming them in excess.

By doing this, the body may have to suffer many health-related damages. In this article, we are going to tell you about these disadvantages.

gas formation

According to health experts, if you eat cut citrus fruits early in the morning on an empty stomach or drink them after making juice, then it can harm you. This method may be considered beneficial for the body, but it can cause the problem of gas formation again and again. Due to the formation of gas, you will not feel well for the whole day and it will also affect the work.


Many times, excessive consumption of fruits in the pursuit of weight loss can make you a patient of diarrhea. Health experts say that excessive consumption of fruits can cause diarrhea. Not only this, abdominal pain, cramps or headache may start. If you suffer from diarrhea, your body will become weak and you may also become deficient in nutrients. It takes time to recover in this condition.


Consuming fruit juice for weight loss can make you a diabetic patient. Natural sugar is also present in fruits and consuming them in excess can spoil the blood sugar level in the body. Research has revealed that fruits contain fructose and its increased amount in the body can cause diabetes.

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