Fitness Tips: Know how fit you are with this fitness trick of Karanvir Bohra

actor karanveer bohra Along with acting skills, fitness freaks are also considered. The actor has shared a latest video in which he is trying to tell through a trick that how fit we are. Karanveer told through the video that if you do this small exercise even for a few seconds, then it is no less than a proof of being fit. While doing the exercise done while standing on one leg, wrote a caption with it that know how old you are according to your body. Let us tell you the details of this physical activity…

Karanveer said this by sharing the video

To do this exercise, the actor put both hands on the chest in a cross and then tried to stand on one leg. After placing one leg on the knee of the other leg, Karanvir became unbalanced within a few seconds. He wrote for himself that I am living a lifestyle of more than 75 years of age. The actor also shared the details of being fit according to his age in the caption.

6 to 10 seconds – 50 to 64 years
11 to 15 seconds – 40 to 49 years
16 to 21 seconds – 30 to 39 years
21 to 30 seconds – 20 to 29 years
above 31 seconds – you are not of this earth

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Benefits of exercising while standing on one leg

If you practice this physical activity daily, then in a few days you can be perfect in doing it. Delhi’s senior doctor Ajay Kumar says that standing on one leg daily for one minute strengthens the hip bone. By doing this the balance will improve and one also feels refreshed.

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