Father’s Day: Every father must get this medical test done at the age of 40

In the age of age, all of us have health related issues. (Health problems) Problems affect little or no. These problems include having high BP, diabetes, heart problems and others. Being affected by these diseases has become common nowadays. Men should also come at an age and take all those health related steps, which are very important. Most men start having health problems at the age of 40. The reason behind this can be many, but increasing age is a big reason. That’s why every man should come at the age of 40. health checkup ( Health check up ) Surely it should be done. today fathers day ( Father’s Day 2022 ) And every year this special day is celebrated on the third Sunday falling in June. By the way, you can make Father’s Day even more special by taking care of your father’s health.

People celebrate by making expensive gifts or parties, but you can increase the importance of this day in this unique way. Father’s shadow is the safest place in the world, but it is our responsibility to keep this shadow safe too. We are going to tell you some such medical tests, which you should ask your father to get done. Learn

blood sugar test

Nowadays it has become common to be suffering from diabetes. This disease is taking its grip not only on the old but also the young and children. Your father is often under stress and his routine is also disturbed, so keep getting his blood sugar test done regularly. The diagnosis of a disease like diabetes is very late, so it is very important to get tested in between. Also, ask your father to follow the diet according to diabetes.

high bp

According to health experts, people often start having problems of hypertension after the age of 40. Stress, diet and aging are important reasons for this. If high BP starts troubling someone, then he has to take medicine for a long time. Due to high BP, there is a risk of heart attack, kidney damage. This is a silent killer disease, which can be difficult to ignore. Make sure to get your father tested for high BP.


If a person has a health problem like thyroid, then in this condition his weight will increase or weight starts decreasing. Thyroid can cause many health problems in the body. For this, there is a test called TSH, which at the age of 40, every person, whether it is a man or a woman, must be done. Taking care of your father’s health, you can make him feel special on Father’s Day.

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