Eating sweets immediately after eating increases weight, know those food combinations, which increase your weight fast…

After eating all the people sweet ,Sweet after Food) has a habit of eating. Unless they get to eat sweets, their mind is not satisfied. But do you know that by eating sweets immediately after eating food, your weight starts increasing very fast. The reason for this is that in the food we eat cereals and pulses, etc., they contain enough sugar, which fulfills the need of sugar in the body. If we eat sweets immediately after a meal, then the glucose level in the blood can increase. If you do this regularly, then the weight increases very fast. Due to weight gain, all the diseases also start surrounding the body. Therefore, if you want to eat sweets, then eat it after about an hour of eating. Know here about some such food combinations that work to increase our weight rapidly.

bread and rice

In North India, a plate of food is considered complete only when it contains lentils, rice, roti, vegetables, chutney and raita etc. You would also think that this is a digestible food. But you will be surprised to know that the combination of roti and rice works to increase your weight rapidly. The reason for this is that both roti and rice have high glycemic value. So eat only one thing at a time. Do not eat both together.

There should be only one protein food in the plate

Protein is essential for the body, but there should be only one protein food in the food plate at a time. Eating more than one protein food regularly also increases your weight rapidly, because protein is not easily digested. In such a situation, it starts increasing the fat in your body. Therefore, never take a combination of lentils and curd, lentils and paneer, lentils and chicken etc.

fruit with drink

Many people consume fruits with drinks. They believe that with this the side effects of the drink are not much in the body. But this assumption is wrong. Consuming fruits with drinks not only increases weight, but also your digestive system can get spoiled due to this.

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