Eating salad after workout is harmful for health, avoid these things too!

Post Workout Meal: It is quite common to feel hungry after a workout. But what you eat after working out is very important. Post workout meal increases the metabolism of our body and also increases the ability to burn fat. After workout, there is some pain in our body, which we can reduce with post workout meal. Now it has come to be known from these things that how important it is to eat a meal after exercise. But many people unknowingly eat those things as post workout meal, which is harmful for our health. Today we are going to tell you about those things which should be avoided. Salad is usually counted among nutritious foods. But eating it as a post workout meal causes damage to our body. Eating fiber after a workout can cause problems in our digestion. Let us tell you that a lot of fiber is found in salad, so we should not eat salad after a workout. Sugar We should not eat any such food, in which the amount of sugar is high. Things like cookies or candy should be avoided. We can also spoil our stomach by eating high sugar food. After a workout, we need to take carbs and protein for recovery. If we take more sugar then it reduces the speed of burning our fat. That’s why we should reduce our sugar intake. Processed food After a workout, we should avoid eating any kind of processed food. You may find fast food tasty but it is most unhealthy. After eating this, we feel a lack of energy inside us. Eating processed food increases the risk of many things. Heart, kidney and liver are also at risk from this.

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