Do you wash your hands again and again due to fear of corona? It could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Since the corona pandemic in 2020 (Corona Pandemic) Since then, experts have been advising people to wash or sanitize their hands regularly with soap and water. While most people have adopted this advice. But some people are very worried about this epidemic and they are also restless about how Kovid-19 can affect them. Due to excessive worry and fear of getting infected, these people keep washing and cleaning their hands excessively, which indicates a medical condition called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In OCD, biochemical disturbances start within different parts of the brain. There are various chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain that do not stay within their normal range, due to which OCD occurs.

Dr Sanjay Chugh, a senior psychiatrist in Delhi told TV 9 that OCD has two components. One is Obsession and the other is Compulsion. Dr Chugh explained, “Obsession is caused by thoughts. Strange thoughts keep popping up in the victim’s mind. Due to such thoughts coming again and again, the patient starts feeling nervous and restless. Even after wanting the patient is unable to stop those thoughts from coming.

OCD has long term effects

Dr. Chugh said that when restlessness increases, a person resorts to physical activity to reduce stress, “This physical action is called Compulsion. This kind of obsession and compulsion is beyond the control of a person. Which cause to create difficulties in the personal, social and professional life of the victim. Long-term effects of OCD include depression, persistent feeling of restlessness, and this increases the risk of drug abuse.

These are the symptoms of OCD

There are some symptoms associated with OCD which may be early signs of this disorder. The two most common symptoms are: Checkers and washers “Checkers are people who constantly check whether everything is okay, for example – is the gate closed? Is the light switched off? Such people check again and again but still cannot be convinced.

On the other hand, washers are those people who believe that the hand or place is dirty. This creates a fear of getting infected. Because these people feel that the things around them are dirty, so they keep cleaning continuously.

There is also a third category – symmetry. Such people want that things should be done in a certain way like things on a table should be placed in a certain order. Anything that moves a little out of its place becomes a cause of their stress.

Chugh said, “I have seen thousands of people who have OCD regarding sexuality and religion. So the spectrum of OCD is very wide.”

This problem occurs due to genetic reasons

The primary cause of OCD is genetic, as is the case with almost all mental problems. Dr Chugh said, “People inherit genes that make them develop the disease. How strong this gene is depends on how soon or late the condition will manifest itself and how severe its symptoms are. Unfortunately we are not yet able to know which gene causes OCD. All we know through various research is that if a person does not have a particular genetic basis, then he will not develop this disease.

Is it possible to prevent this disorder?

Dr. Chugh said it is not possible to prevent OCD. “If a person is predisposed to this condition, it will sooner or later appear in him. But early detection of this disease is very important. The sooner it is identified, the sooner the treatment can be started and due to this good results will be available. At the same time, its intensity will also be less, due to which its effect on the life of the person will be less.

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