Do you also work in Night Shift, these diseases may happen

Most of us keep trying to make life run smoothly. Some do business for a better life, while some earn money by doing jobs and run the house. There are also some employed people who due to many reasons like the burden of responsibilities. night shift work We do. During the night when most people are sleeping, during that time some have to wake up and do their work. By following such a routine continuously, the body starts becoming a home of diseases or health related problems. Somewhere you too do not follow the routine of working in night shift. Here we are going to tell you which diseases or health problems can be caused due to this.

disturb mental health

It has been revealed in many research or studies that people who work awake at night, they face more deteriorating mental health than others. According to experts, there is a bad effect on the mind chemical of those who work in the night. Work is also affected due to deteriorating mental health. Those who follow this routine can maintain their mental health by doing 10 minutes of meditation daily.

heart disease

According to the news published in the English website WebMD, those who follow the low night shift work culture are at higher risk of suffering from heart diseases. It has been reported in the study that the risk of heart attack increases by a few percent after every five years in night workers. Actually, due to the bad lifestyle, the level of bad cholesterol increases and in such a situation heart diseases start happening.

metabolic syndrome

People who work in night shifts are at risk of metabolic syndrome. In this condition serious health problems like high BP, high sugar, increasing weight and impaired level of cholesterol start to occur. Those who work at night may have to wake up, but they can also stay healthy by taking care of their food. For this, drink warm water once in the night and try to stay hydrated as much as possible.

Vitamin D deficiency

Night workers often do not get sunlight. Sunshine is considered the best source of Vitamin D. Due to lack of sunlight, many other problems start occurring in the body. Try to follow the routine of taking a few minutes of sunlight.

(The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. TV9 Hindi does not confirm these. Follow this only after consulting an expert.)

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