Do not make these mistakes while eating litchi, there can be many problems including meningitis

Some people wait for summer just because they get mangoes and vegetables in this season. Lychee ( Lychee ) Like tasty fruits are available to eat. Litchi is so good in the test that many children eat them on their own demand or even insist on asking the family members for it. It is a sweet fruit, but it is low in calories. Due to the presence of water and fiber, it is considered good for the stomach. Due to being helpful in weight loss, many people make it a part of their diet. Lychee contains phytochemicals. It is rich in antioxidant-like properties. It is beneficial for problems related to eyes. It helps in preventing blurring of eyes and cataract. Contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, (Vitamin C) Beta-carotene, polyphenols can easily remove skin spots.

Despite having so many benefits, litchi can also harm us in many ways. If these things are not taken care of before eating it, then you may have food poisoning, meningitis or other diseases. Learn about them…

toxic substance

It is believed that a poisonous substance is present in litchi, which causes Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. It is also called meningitis. In this case, apart from fever, symptoms of vomiting or fainting can be seen in the patient.

mistake to eat empty stomach

Some people try many such tricks in order to stay healthy, which is no less than a myth. Something similar is also with the consumption of litchi. People eat litchi on an empty stomach in the morning, but this method not only affects the health of the brain, as well as it can cause acidity, bloating or indigestion.

low blood sugar

Even though it is a sweet fruit, the factor cyclopropyl-glycine present in it can lower the blood sugar level. According to health experts, eating litchi on an empty stomach can suddenly lower the blood sugar level of the body. If you want to eat litchi, then choose noon time for it. Before eating, also make sure that there are no insects in it. Wash the litchi before eating it and always make it a habit to eat it after seeing it well.

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