Diseases like brain stroke are increasing due to corona virus, elderly are at greater risk

around the world so far corona virus has not ended. Still cases of this virus are continuously coming up in many countries. meanwhile Journal of Aging Research Reviews A research has been published in which it has been found that many types of neurological problems have been caused due to Kovid. According to the study, COVID-19 brain stroke And it is causing bleeding in the brain. Such cases are being seen more in elderly people.

Joy Mitra and Muralidhar L. of Houston Methodist Research Institute, US. This research has been done under the leadership of Hegde. Scientists doing research say that the effect of corona is happening on people for a long time. In the brain imaging of corona patients, it was found that microbleed lesions have been found in the brains of the patients. Microbleeds are indicative of neuropathological diseases, which often occur in people with chronic stress, depressive disorders and diabetes.

damage to DNA

Researchers said that the wounds that are happening in the brain due to COVID-19. They can exacerbate DNA damage, leading to activation of neuronal senescence and cell death mechanisms, ultimately affecting brain microstructure-vasculature. This can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Research has shown that the psychological condition of 20-30 percent of the patients suffering from corona is not well. The problem of brain fog has been found in many patients. Due to brain fog, people have to face the problem of forgetting and difficulty in talking.

There is also a problem of Alzheimer’s

Kovid has also caused serious neurological problems. In these, many patients have also seen problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. The problem of Alzheimer’s is seen more in the elderly. In this, the memory gets affected, if this disease is not treated on time, then after some time the person becomes completely dependent on someone else. He is not even able to do his daily work.

According to neurosurgeons, there has been an increase in many diseases related to the brain. These problems are being seen in everyone, young and old. Due to Kovid, the cases of brain stroke have also increased significantly. This virus has greatly increased neurological diseases. This is a kind of long covid effect, which is affecting the brain like other parts of the body. It can take many years to deal with these problems.

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