Diet for Weight Loss: If you want to lose weight fast, then start the day by eating these things.

People in India do not consider obesity as a disease, but in fact it is such a problem, which becomes the reason for many problems in your body. That’s why obesity (Obesity) is called the home of diseases. If you are also overweight, then you should try to reduce it, so that the body can be protected from the risk of other diseases. To remove obesity, first of all you have to improve your bad diet. According to experts, if only the eating habits are improved, then a person can control his weight to a great extent. Apart from this, some healthy things also need to be included in the diet. Know here about 4 such things which should be followed by diet (Diet) can help you lose weight faster.

eat these things on an empty stomach

garlic : In the morning, on an empty stomach, chew two cloves of garlic in your mouth and drink a glass of lukewarm water with a squeeze of lemon. Doing this daily will not only help in reducing your weight, but your immunity will also be strong. Do not eat anything for about an hour after swallowing garlic.

Apple : It is said that if one apple is eaten daily, then all the problems get rid of. In such a situation, if you eat apple every morning on an empty stomach, you will still benefit a lot. Apples contain many types of antioxidants, which help in reducing your weight as well as keeping the body healthy.

eat these things for breakfast

porridge : It is said that breakfast should be like a king in the morning. But it does not mean eating puris, parathas or smoothies. This means eating those things, which give you energy for the whole day. If you want to lose weight, then there is a lot of protein in your breakfast cereal. It is also light to eat. This also reduces your weight.

Sprouts: Sprouts are also a better option in the morning breakfast. It is also rich in protein. After eating this, your stomach remains full for a long time. It also gives strength and energy to your body, as well as is helpful in reducing your weight.

Idli : Idli can be a better option for breakfast in the morning. It is rich in protein. Also, there is no greasiness of any kind. This is a better option for those who want to lose weight. This fills your stomach and gives you energy.

simile: Semolina upma is also considered very good for those who want to lose weight. Eating it in breakfast keeps your stomach full for a long time and it is also helpful in reducing your weight.

These precautions are also necessary

Despite all these things, you also need to do some workouts, so that the metabolism of your body is better. You exercise in the morning for about an hour every day. Walk for half an hour after eating in the evening. Apart from this, completely avoid outside food, more spicy and greasy food. Avoid eating too much sugar. Eat jaggery or sugar candy instead of sugar.

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