Diabetes in India: Why are the cases of type 1 diabetes increasing so rapidly in children?

The disease of Diabetes is taking serious form in India. Every year the number of its patients is increasing rapidly. Diabetes is such a dangerous disease that never ends. It can only be controlled. In many cases, diabetes also leads to death. People think that this disease occurs in older people, but it is not so. The cases of Diabetes in Children are also increasing rapidly. According to the International Diabetes Federation, India has the largest number of children suffering from type 1 diabetes in the world. More than 2.29 lakh children in the country have type-1 diabetes. Every fifth child or adolescent suffering from this is Indian. This number is increasing rapidly.

There were about 6 lakh deaths in India last year due to diabetes. By 2045, the number of people suffering from this disease in the country is expected to reach 120 million. In view of the increasing cases of type-1 diabetes in the country, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued a new guideline. In this, a document has been made by the institute, in which children, adolescents and adults have been advised to take care of diabetes. This guideline is updated every year.

In the midst of all this, the question also arises that why the cases of type 1 diabetes are increasing rapidly in children. to know Tv9 Has talked to experts.

Senior Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singhal of Pediatric Department of Apollo Hospital told in the conversation that type-1 diabetes is a type of genetic disorder. That is, this disease spreads from parents to their children. If any one of the mother or father has the problem of diabetes, then this disease can also happen to their children. This disease also occurs due to autoimmune reaction. Many times during pregnancy, blood glucose increases in women. The increased glucose in the blood also reaches the child’s body. This increases the level of sugar in the child’s body. This is called gestational diabetes.

Dr. said that the number of diabetes patients in India is increasing continuously for the last 30 years. This disease is becoming quite common in people between the age of 35 to 55 years. Because this disease passes from one generation to another. Because of this, the cases of type 1 diabetes in children are increasing rapidly. One reason for this is also that after the corona epidemic, people have become very health conscious. Now all the tests of the child are done at the time of birth, whereas earlier there was not much awareness. Due to timely investigation, the disease is being detected and its case reports are being done.

What is type 1 diabetes

According to Dr. Singhal, when there is type 1 diabetes, the production of insulin in the pancreas stops completely. Because of this, the level of glucose in the body keeps increasing continuously, due to which many organs can be affected simultaneously. In this situation insulin is needed. Insulin has to be taken every day. Its cases are seen more in children suffering from obesity. This disease never ends and there is no specific treatment for it.

This disease is increasing due to lifestyle

Senior Physician Dr. Kawaljit Singh told that the problem of diabetes is increasing due to poor lifestyle. People do not pay attention to food nor do they keep themselves active, due to which obesity increases and diseases like diabetes occur. Have any type of diabetes. There is a possibility of passing it from one generation to another. Due to which the cases of type-2 diabetes are increasing rapidly. Therefore it is very important to protect against it.

Because if diabetes is not controlled, then it leads to many types of health problems. Due to this, kidney and heart can also be damaged.

These are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes

frequent thirst

excessive urination

weight loss

delayed wound healing

always feeling tired

protect like this

Dr. Singhal says that to avoid diabetes, it is important to take care of your lifestyle. Minimize the use of salt, sugar and flour in the food. Avoid eating outside junk food. Get your blood sugar checked regularly. Do not let obesity increase. Exercise regularly for this. If the level of sugar in the body is increasing, then take necessary steps to control it.

According to Dr., if people keep away from diabetes, then this disease will not happen to their children either, so that these increasing figures can be controlled.

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