Diabetes can be controlled even without insulin injection, doctors told these three measures

Worldwide diabetes Cases are increasing rapidly. cancer and heart disease After that, it is such a non-infectious disease, whose patients are increasing every year. People are falling prey to this lifestyle disease at an early age. Doctors say that diabetes is caused by the increase in sugar level in the body. Once this disease occurs, it never ends. Only it can be controlled. Many patients also take insulin to maintain the sugar level, but do you know that diabetes can be controlled even without this injection.

Doctors tell that insulin is not made by the body type in the body of patients suffering from diabetes. For this, patients take insulin injections. It also has some side effects, but it has to be taken under compulsion. However, if the patient’s diet and lifestyle is right, then the disease of diabetes can be controlled even without injection.

Senior Physician Dr Ajay Kumar explains that diabetes is a disease that affects many organs including our heart, eyes. The immunity of a diabetic patient is also getting weaker. The matter of concern is that this disease is increasing rapidly. Now the cases of type-2 diabetes are also increasing. In such a situation, people should be very cautious about this disease.

To keep diabetes under control, these three things need to be taken care of.

do exercise daily

By exercising daily, the weight in the body also remains under control. Since obesity is considered a major cause of diabetes. So patients are advised to do some physical activity daily. By doing this the BMA will also be fine and it will help in controlling the sugar level.

focus on food

Dr. Kumar explains that to keep diabetes under control, it is very important to keep the diet right. For this, the consumption of excess fat and carbs should be avoided. Green vegetables, fruits, proteins and vitamins should be included in the diet. This will keep the level of diabetes under control. Along with this, try not to eat outside food.

get regular checkups

It is important for diabetic patients to keep checking their body’s blood sugar level regularly. If the sugar is increasing, then pay attention to what is going wrong in the diet or lifestyle. You can also consult doctors for this.

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