Delhi: Two people were injured by kite thread, doctors saved their lives by doing plastic surgery

august It is the month of and soon the whole country will once again be like every year Independence day going to celebrate. In Delhi too, this festival of independence is celebrated with great enthusiasm and people fly kites in the open sky. But in the midst of kite flying, many incidents come to the fore that dangerous manja also injures people, in some cases even lives. Although the deadly ‘Chinese Manjha’ is banned, the manja being used in kite flying is still dangerous.

Recently, two such patients came to Delhi’s Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, who were badly injured by the manjha. Dr Manoj K. The Max Hospital team under the leadership of Jauhar successfully operated on both the injured. Vidyavati, 61, was one of the two patients who reached the hospital. The manjha inflicted a wound on Vidyavati’s neck as if it had been cut with a knife. When this accident happened with Vidyavati, she was driving a two-wheeler vehicle in the area of ​​East Delhi.

Suddenly she felt something on her throat and the very next moment she groaned in pain, blood started flowing from her throat. People present around and policemen reached there to help. Vidyavati was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors told that Vidyavati has deep wounds in the throat, so she was asked to refer her to the super specialty hospital. After this Vidyavati was brought to Max Hospital in Patparganj, Delhi.

The patient has got mental trouble

Dr Manoj K., Head and Senior Director, Plastic Surgery Department at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj. Johar said, “Vidyavati had a deep injury in her neck. The patient’s condition was serious due to excessive bleeding. His throat was so badly injured that life-saving surgery was required immediately. Successful plastic surgery was performed with neurovascular and muscle repair.

Despite recovery after successful surgery, Vidyavati is still in fear about that incident and she demands proper implementation of the ban on this deadly ‘Chinese’ manjha.

foot was injured by manjha

Like Vidyavati, 54-year-old Usha Rajan came to Max Hospital Patparganj after being injured by manjha. Usha had an injury in her right leg due to a manjha cut. When Usha was crossing the road, the manjha of the pantyh wrapped around her leg and passed through the muscles connecting the shin to the heel bone. Due to this a lot of blood shed and Usha also had to undergo surgery.

Dr Manoj K. Johar said, “Manjha accidents happen in many cases where the victims fall from the vehicle or they collide with someone. Due to this not only their own life is in danger but other people also get affected.

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