Delhi: The patient was suffering from liver failure for five years, doctors operated for a new life.

Bakhran Akhrov, a patient from Uzbekistan, was suffering from hepatitis B for the last 15 years and liver failure for 5 years. The patient’s blood type was very rare. After not finding a solution to his illness in his country, Uzbekistan, he came to India with his brother. Even after getting treatment at many places, the problem was not decreasing. The life of the patient was in danger due to the serious condition. In such a situation, he came to a hospital in Delhi for treatment. Where his brother decided to donate his liver. Due to this, the doctors transplanted the liver and saved the patient’s life by the surgery which lasted for about 10 hours.

Dr. Ajitabh Srivastava, Director, Liver Transplant Department, Aakash Healthcare Hospital, Delhi, while explaining about this case said, “The patient was on the verge of death. The patient had problems like acute jaundice, cirrhosis (liver failure), watery stomach, blood, swelling and vomiting in the blood. Considering the critical condition of the patient, we decided to do liver transplant. The new liver was well received by the patient’s body. Patients are usually put on ventilators after surgery, but in Bakhran’s case this was not necessary at all. He was completely normal after the procedure. His liver will return to normal size within three months, and he will not experience any problems in his everyday life.

A healthy person of 18 to 55 years can donate liver

Dr. Ashish George of Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery of the hospital told that any healthy person between 18 to 55 years can donate liver. Patients donating liver are thoroughly examined. Dr. told that the liver is such an organ of the body which increases on its own in a few days. So there is no need to donate liver and worry about your safety during this process.

Keep liver healthy like this

According to Dr., liver diseases are caused due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle. To keep the liver healthy, it is necessary to use less flour and salt in the food. If you consume alcohol, then leave it. Do some exercise every day for at least half an hour. Do not consume fried things in food.

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