Delhi: The girl was born with one kidney, the doctors gave a new life to the robotic surgery

At the time of Dipali’s birth, both her kidneys were fused together and were only in the left side. While the right kidney part was empty. That is, he did not have a kidney. When Deepali was examined and several types of CT scans were done, a lump was also found in the left kidney. Due to having only one kidney in the body and a big lump in it, Deepali was suffering a lot. Despite the treatment at many places, the health did not improve. In such a situation, the relatives admitted him to a private hospital in Delhi. Where doctors gave a new life to Deepali by doing robotic surgery. The advantage of robotic surgery was that the patient’s recovery was very quick.

Dr Surendra Dabas, director of the Department of Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery, BLK Hospital, Delhi, said that Deepali was born with a fused kidney in the left side. He too had a big knot in one. The size of the lump in the kidney was equal to that of a tennis ball. Which needed to be operated as soon as possible. This operation was very challenging. Because while doing the surgery, care was taken not to damage the blood vessels and ureters.

Considering the seriousness of the disease, a team of specialized doctors was formed and it was decided to do robotic surgery. This operation was successful. Using robotic technology, the team of doctors carried out their work and removed this large lump present in the kidney without damaging the structures around the lump and the uterus.

Robotic surgery is very beneficial

According to Dr. Dabas, the blood loss in robotic surgery also reduced significantly. This is a very successful technique, due to which the patient gets surgery in less time and the risk is also high in it. Apart from this, there is no fear of infection due to the operation. Robotic surgery takes the help of computer and in which the operation is done with the help of robotic arm and. In this case, the patient was discharged from the hospital on the fourth day of the operation.

Doctors resort to open surgery

Dr. Dabas said that doctors resort to open surgery to remove such lumps, but his team performed this operation with robotic surgery. This operation was very complicated. As such, Deepali’s treatment is a great example of the safety of successful robotic surgery.

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