Delhi: Spine was bent due to scoliosis, doctors operated on the girl with 3D technology

A 12-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan has undergone surgery in the country’s capital Delhi. 3D technology was used for the surgery. child progressive scoliosis dorsolumbar (Progressive scoliosis) Due to which her spine was bent a lot. The girl was also suffering from pelvic obliques. Because of this, one of his hips was higher than the other hip. Through surgery, the hump bent up to 130 degrees has been reduced by 30 degrees. This surgery has been done at Akash Healthcare Hospital, Delhi. According to the doctors of Akash Hospital, the condition of the girl was getting worse. She was still unable to walk due to severe pain. Because of this, his body was getting slanted to one side.

On reaching the hospital, he underwent a 16-hour spine surgery in two phases. In the first phase of the 16-hour surgery, soft tissue was removed and several bones were reduced to increase the flexibility of the spine while correcting the alignment in the coronal plane. At the same time, in the second 10-hour surgery, several titanium screws were used with the help of 3D-printed jigs.

Operation done with 3D printing technology

Dr. Nagesh Chandra of the hospital told that about 3D printing said that due to the serious diseases of the spine and the difficulty in inserting the screws, 3D printing plays an important role in making the surgery successful safely and without any trouble. After calculating the size of the bone, the screw is applied through 3D printing in surgical planning. At each stage, 3D printing helps plan the size, length and direction of the screw. After surgery, about 70 to 80 percent of the hump is corrected. In this case, now the curvature of the victim’s spine has come down to just 30 degrees. These custom-made 3D printed jigs played a vital role in pre-operative planning and gave surgeons an opportunity to understand the complex screw insertion process on a 3D printed model. By this technique a traced copy of the deformed spine was made, on which the surgeons practiced.

Dr Ashish Chowdhary, Orthopedic Head and Director, Aakash Healthcare, said that spine surgery has become safer over time for most parts of the body. The girl is undergoing physical therapy to recover after beating her rare disease. With the help of this, she will be able to lead a normal life without any trouble. The girl’s name is Anazik Ikramov. The girl is completely healthy after the surgery.

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