Delhi: Record eye donation in one day in GTB Hospital, many patients will get light

eye donation blind people Provides an opportunity to give vision to the world and add brightness and color. One can help fulfill his dreams and ambitions by donating eyes after death which can help other two blind people, among all the donations, eye donation is considered to be the biggest donation. According to the World Health Organization, cataract and glaucoma are considered the leading causes of blindness. Apart from these two reasons corneal blindness Even a person becomes blind, although by donating the cornea, light can be brought in the life of a blind person. Such patients recover from a simple surgery in the form of a corneal transplant.

In this episode, Delhi’s GTB Hospital has made a record in eye donation. hospital medical director Dr. Subhash GiriIn a conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh, told that there has been a record eye donation in a day in the hospital. 10 human corneas have been found in a day, which have been donated by 5 families in a single day. In an unfortunate incident, 4 people lost their lives in a road accident and the dead were brought to the hospital mortuary. The relatives of the deceased accepted the donation of the eyes of these family members, which was commendable. These donated corneas will bring light to the lives of 10 individuals who need corneal surgery. After cornea transplant, there will be light in the lives of 10 people.

Anyone can donate eyes

Dr. Subhash told that any person can donate eyes. Eye donation can be done within 6 hours of death. Cornea can be removed for 24 hours from dead bodies kept in cold storage in the morgue. Here comes the role of the Department of Forensic Medicine, which contributes immensely to this goal of the Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme. It is a voluntary act that requires the consent of 2 witnesses or relatives.

For eye donation, one should call the nearest eye bank or any tertiary hospital. It takes 10-15 minutes to remove the eyes of the deceased without any deformity. In donated eyes, the cornea is used to treat corneal blindness. This cornea is delivered to the receiver.

GTB Hospital is a cornea retrieval and transplant center and does not have its own eye bank. The cornea obtained here is processed at the National Eye Bank and allotted to GTB Hospital for use.

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