Delhi Corona: There is a decrease in the number of people taking booster doses, fear of corona is ending among people?

The cases of corona in the country’s capital Delhi are continuously decreasing. The number of active patients has also come down to 1762. The positivity rate has also come down to less than 2 percent. The number of people taking the booster dose of the vaccine is decreasing in the midst of improving conditions from infection. Last month, 71 thousand people had taken precaution doses in so many days, but this month this figure has come down significantly. Less than 60 thousand people have taken booster doses this month. Compared to earlier, the crowd of people at the vaccination centers is also less visible.

The health ministry had last month allowed booster doses for all people between the ages of 18 and 59 with effect from April 10. Earlier, people above 60 years, health workers and frontline workers were being vaccinated. However, the central government did not make this dose free of cost. Because of this, every person in Delhi had to spend Rs 368 for taking the dose. On April 21, the Delhi government made the booster dose free for people aged between 18 and 59 years, after which the number of people taking the third dose increased. Experts say that the cases of corona are not increasing now. The fear of this virus is also decreasing among the people. People who are getting infected too. Flu-like symptoms are being seen in them. In such a situation, people are not taking booster doses.

More than three thousand active cases decreased in 13 days

The graph of corona in Delhi is falling rapidly. In the last 13 days alone, 3,166 active cases have come down. After the end of the third wave, cases of corona started increasing in Delhi in early April. Then the number of active patients had crossed 6 thousand. But this time the cases of corona in the capital did not increase much and the peak came out in three weeks. During this, the maximum number of cases in a day was less than 2 thousand.

no new wave expected

Kovid expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that at present there is no possibility of any new wave of corona in the capital. People have immunity against the virus. In such a situation, they are not at risk from sub-variants of Omicron or any older variants, although it is still necessary to protect against Kovid. Especially the elderly and patients suffering from chronic disease should take special care of their health.

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