Delhi Corona: Corona spreading in Delhi, number of patients admitted in hospitals doubled

country that Capital Delhi In corona It’s spreading its feet again. The number of serious patients admitted to hospitals has almost doubled. At the same time, where the number of patients on oxygen support has reached close to 100. The number of patients in ICU has reached 119. The number of patients on ventilator has also increased from seven to 12. However, experts say that serious patients are not reaching the hospitals from outside, the patients who are coming to the hospital for some other disease are getting corona positive. active cases is also increasing.

Till Thursday, the graph of daily cases of corona in Delhi stood at 2202, crossing two thousand. Now 119 patients are admitted in ICU, 99 on oxygen and 12 on ventilator, while till July 29, 76 patients were admitted in ICU, 59 on oxygen support and seven on ventilator. Doctors say that the number of serious patients in hospitals has increased. However, there are no serious patients coming from outside, but the patients who had already reached the hospital for treatment of other diseases are getting corona infected. In this, the number of patients with heart, liver and kidney diseases is high.

be careful people

Epidemiologist Dr. Jugal Kishore says that many types of bacteria and viruses become active in this season. This causes fever, cold and cough. In such a situation, people also get corona tested, in which some people also get positive. This is the reason why the graph of Kovid is increasing. In such a situation, patients suffering from serious diseases need to take more precautions. Because the immune system of these people is already fighting against chronic diseases. In such a situation, infection of Kovid can become dangerous.

According to Dr., due to the constant moisture in the weather, the infection is helping to grow. People are also not following Corona rules. People are being seen without masks in crowded places. Because of this corona infection is increasing. Mild symptoms of corona are being found in some patients in the hospital. At the same time, symptoms of corona have also been found in patients who are admitted in ventilator and ICU. However, these symptoms are cough, cold and mild fever. In such a situation, no patient is facing much trouble due to corona.

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