Covid-19: Be careful, Corona case has again caught pace in the country – new cases cross 500

Coronavirus Updates: Along with the increase in flu cases in the country, the corona virus has also started showing its true face. For the first time after 114 days in the country, the number of new cases has crossed 500 on Saturday. At the same time, the speed of doubling of corona cases has also increased. If we look at the figures of last week, the new cases of Corona have doubled in 11 days. However, it is a matter of relief that there has not been any increase in the deaths due to infection so far. According to the Times of India report, a total of 2671 new cases of corona virus were reported across the country on Saturday. It has been seen for the first time after 18 November 2022 when the figure of new cases has crossed 500. Last week, 1802 new cases of corona virus were reported across the country. If these two cases are compared, there has been a jump of about 50 percent. Also read- Center strict on same-sex marriage, Modi’s counterattack on Rahul, Team India strong with Kohli’s century Whereas, earlier i.e. from February 25 to March 4, a total of 1802 cases of corona virus were reported in the country, which was the highest in the last year. June-July was the highest after the registered cases. Most of the new cases of corona virus reported in the country were reported in Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Gujarat. How many cases were found in which state? Taking a look at the state-wise cases in the last seven days (March 5 to 11), Karnataka reported the maximum number of new cases at 584, followed by Kerala at 520, Maharashtra at 512, Tamil Nadu at 224, Telangana at 197, Gujarat at 190. Are. Whereas, in the previous week (26 February to 4 March), 465 cases were reported in Karnataka, 387 in Kerala, 276 in Maharashtra, 134 in Tamil Nadu, 121 in Telangana and 48 in Gujarat. Read this too – You insulted 3 generations, Modi retaliated against Rahul, Congress became an attacker If you look at the cases that have come to the fore, then the pace of new corona cases in three states-Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra is very fast. These three states are such where the daily number of new cases has crossed 500. Except these about half a dozen states, the situation remains normal in the rest of the states of the country. In the last seven days, 97 cases were reported in Delhi. Precautionary steps are also being taken by the governments of the states where corona cases have increased.

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