Coronavirus: 66 percent cases of Kovid in these four states of the country, Kerala on top

Coronavirus in India: once again in india corona virus The danger of is increasing. In view of this, the government has come on alert mode. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Corona in the country and influenza virus A meeting has been held to review the status of that. In this, emphasis has been laid on increasing test, track, treat and vaccination to prevent Kovid. Talking about the cases of corona in the country, more than 1100 new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours. Cases are increasing every day. The virus is spreading rapidly in four states of the country. Covid cases in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala active patient are growing rapidly. If you look at the figures, at present there are 7026 active cases of Kovid in the country. Out of these 4650 cases are in these four states only. That is, 66 percent of the total active cases are from these states only. Among these, the most active patients are Kerala (1921) and Maharashtra (1489). There are 624 active patients of infection in Gujarat (916) and Karnataka. The positivity rate of Covid is also increasing in these four states.

Why are cases increasing?

Experts say that the reason for the increase in the cases of Kovid is the weather, the negligence of the people and the XBB 1.16 variant. Viruses become active in this season. Respiratory disease starts happening and the virus starts spreading through coughing and sneezing. People have also done a lot of negligence regarding Kovid for the last few months. Masks are not being used and people are not wearing masks even in crowded areas. Due to this the virus is getting a chance to spread. At the same time, the XBB 1.16 variant of Omicron is also spreading. It is infecting people fast.

don’t care

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar in Delhi says that people should not be negligent about Kovid at this time. The threat of Covid may remain for a few weeks now. In this case, due to negligence, the cases can increase even faster. That’s why it is very important to follow the Kovid protocol. Especially elderly people and patients of kidney, heart and other serious diseases have to take special care. read this also: Coronavirus: Corona’s fear increased again in Delhi, second death in 3 months; Increase in infection rate

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