‘Corona’s challenge not averted, vaccination of all eligible children is our priority’, said PM Modi in Kovid-19 review

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) said on Wednesday that the way the cases of Kovid-19 epidemic have increased in some states in the last two weeks, it is clear that the challenge of corona virus infection is not completely over yet. Appealing to the countrymen to be vigilant, he said that in view of the current challenges, the priority of his government is to vaccinate all eligible children at the earliest.Vaccination) To do. He urged the states to ensure that all eligible children get vaccinated at the earliest, in schools.Schools) run special campaigns. He appealed to the teachers and parents to be aware about this.

The Prime Minister said this in his address after reviewing the latest situation of the Kovid epidemic through video conference with Chief Ministers, Lieutenant Governors and Administrators of Union Territories. He said, ‘The way cases have increased in some states in the last two weeks, it is clear that the challenge of Corona is not completely over yet. How Omicron and its sub variants can create a serious situation, we can see in the countries of Europe. The Prime Minister said that in the last few months, there have been some waves due to different forms of corona in some countries, but India has controlled the situation much better than many countries.

‘We need to be cautious seeing the cases of some states’

He said, ‘Despite all this, we have to be cautious seeing the way cases are increasing in some states for the last two weeks.’ Referring to the very important role of vaccination in the fight against the corona virus, the Prime Minister referred to the opening of schools in the country after a long time and said that once again the increasing cases of infection have raised the concern of the family members.

‘Our priority is to vaccinate all eligible children at the earliest’

Referring to reports of children getting infected in some schools, Modi said, “It is our priority to vaccinate all eligible children at the earliest.” For this, as before, there will be a need to run special campaigns in schools. Teachers and parents should be aware of this. It is noteworthy that in March this year, vaccination was started for children of 12-14 years in the country, while from April 26, co-vaccine vaccine has also been allowed for children of 6-12 years. The Prime Minister said that the country’s scientists and experts are constantly monitoring the national and global situation and on their suggestions, the country has to fight further against the Kovid epidemic by taking a proactive and collective approach.

Triple T Formula

The Prime Minister said that the effective way to prevent corona is to effectively implement the strategy of Test, Track and Treat. He said that 100 percent RT PCR test of influenza should be done, those who are positive should be sent for genome sequence. At the same time, he said that it should be ensured that the work of upgrading health infra continues at a fast pace. If there is a need, there should be no crisis.

Center and state have to work together

The Prime Minister said that the Center and the states have fought together to deal with Corona and will have to do it further. For the strength of India’s economy, coordination between the center and the state is more important than ever.

reduce state VAT

The Prime Minister also asked the states to reduce the scope of VAT. Along with this, he gave an example of what is the situation in the states which have reduced the scope of VAT.

audit report of hospitals

In recent days, there have been incidents of arson in some hospitals. The Prime Minister also warned the states about this. He said that a safety audit of the hospital should be done to prevent the incidents of arson in the hospitals. Make it a priority.

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