Corona: Positivity rate of corona exceeds 8 percent in five states, these symptoms are being found in most patients

Corona Cases In India is gaining momentum in the country. In the last 24 hours, 13,216 cases of infection have been registered. Within eight days, the number of new cases has increased from three thousand to crossed the figure of 13 thousand. Due to the increasing cases, the active cases (Corona Active Cases) are also increasing continuously. The number of active patients has increased to 63 thousand in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the positivity rate of Corona has crossed eight percent in five states of the country. Kerala has the highest positivity rate. At the same time, Maharashtra is on top in terms of active patients. New cases and infection rate are increasing continuously in Delhi too.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the positivity rate in Kerala is 14.78. After this the second is from Goa. The infection rate in Goa has been 11.04 percent. After this, 10.63 has been recorded in Mizoram, 9.36 in Maharashtra and 8.18 in Delhi. In Delhi, the infection rate has increased by about five percent in the last one week. This rate is also increasing in Goa and Mizoram, although there has been some decrease in the positivity rate in Kerala. Talking about active patients, Maharashtra has the highest number of 21,749 active cases. In second place, 20338 patients are active in Kerala. The number of active patients in Delhi has gone up to 4843. Although cases are increasing rapidly in these states, most of the infected are getting mild symptoms of corona and there has been no increase in the figures of hospitalization or death.

Flu-like symptoms being found in infected

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of Delhi’s Loknayak Hospital, told Tv9 that even though cases are increasing in the capital, the number of patients in the hospitals has not increased. There are 20 corona patients admitted in his hospital. These patients have flu-like symptoms. It has fever, sore throat and mild cough. No patient has been put on oxygen support. Right now, 90 to 95 percent of the new cases of corona that are coming, are recovering in three to four days.

According to Dr. Suresh, hospitalization may not be increasing, but there is a need to be cautious. For a long time, people have been careless about Corona. But it should not be done. The virus is still present and mutations are constantly happening in it, due to which new sub-variants are emerging. In such a situation, it is very important to protect against corona. Especially the elderly and people suffering from chronic disease should be more cautious.

The new sub variants are also like the old variants.

Kovid expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar told that the symptoms of all the sub variants of Omicron are also similar to that of Omicron. Even though cases are increasing due to all these variants, but there is nothing to panic in this. Corona virus has become like a common cough and cold. The firepower of the virus is also less. Complaints of cough, fever or cold are being seen in corona patients. The infected are not having lung infection or respiratory problems. So there is no need to panic. This type of ups and downs will continue in the cases of corona in the country.

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